Scary pictures of animals stranded outside of Evans and flood waters in Milliken, Colorado. The video above was from my in-laws of flooding happening from the bridge at Weld County Roads 17 & 52 taken this afternoon. An incredible amount of water is moving through the rivers and I fear we're going to hear more bad news before we start hearing good

news. Here's an aerial view of the flooding in Milliken:

News reporters in helicopters are also sharing images of livestock that are stuck in rushing water outside of Evans, and all we can do is hope that those waters don't get any higher.




It just makes me sick to see all those animals stuck there, unable to go anywhere. It has to be frustrating for the news teams watching too, knowing that there is nothing they can do to help.

So sad...

In a little glimmer of good news, this info was just shared about the animals above by 9News on Facebook: "Many have expressed concern for animals trapped in flood waters. Weld County Sheriff's Dept. says that some animals have been tied to posts so they don't float down the river, because as long as they are able to remain upright they will likely stay above flood waters and be able to survive for up to a few days. We also hear most residents were able to get their animals to higher ground."