It seems as though Fort Collins has made a lot of lists lately. Sure, we knew we were good at making beer, and that it's awesome to live here, but who knew that we were also really bright. Not bright like come get a tan here, but bright like Albert Einstein! 

The social media website MyLife did a study to find out what mid-sized city (those ranking 101 through 200 in population based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 estimates) in the U.S. was the smartest. However, they weren't just looking for book-smarts. The site explained that while being book-smart was taken in to account, common sense and how those in a city as a whole conduct themselves is very important as well.

They used percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree, public school ranking, libraries per capita, lowest car Accident likelihood, and lowest crime rate as the criteria to determine the smartest cities.

Fort Collins was only dumber than Overland Park, KS, Glendale, CA, and Cary, NC. The then explained why the city is so smart:

Surely the students at Colorado State University would agree with Fort Collins‘ place at fourth on this list. The city had a respectable ranking of 16th in the public schools category. But the city separated themselves by taking the top ranking in the car accident likelihood category.

The only other Colorado city on the list was Lakewood, which was ranked 28th. See the whole list here.