There's gross, and then there's this woman.


If you get queasy easily, DO NOT watch this video. If you don't get queasy easily, you may still not want to watch it either.

But if you're OK with being grossed out, this is the video for you.

Watch as this Wal-Mart shopper strolls down the aisle, browsing through all of the falling prices.

She's got an itch that she just needs to scratch. And that itch is in her butt.

OK, no big deal, right? We've all scratched our butt before!

But we all probably haven't done what she did next. Gross.

Now there's plenty of speculation that this is all fake and that it's a setup.

First, no one can be this gross, right?

And second, there's a cut in the video. So, while she may have indeed scratched her butt and also may have licked her finger, they may not have happened in that order. Still gross, but not nearly as gross.

What do you think?

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings