My thoughts wander randomly, most of the time in the morning while I am driving to work or getting ready for the day. And today I was explaining to a five year-old that radio is free and why. It got me to thinking, there isn't much in this world that is free anymore. So here is a list of 5 things that are FREE in Northern Colorado.

City of Fort Collins Parks - City of Fort Collins Facebook
  1. RADIO. Yup, I said it. And not just 'cause I work at one, but because it truly is free. You get it in alarm clocks, cars, record players (depending on the model) and more. And it ISN'T an upgrade (unlike CD players or Bluetooth is at times)!
  2. PARKS AND TRAILS. Every community has them, and all of them are free. Most of the parks have playgrounds that kids can play on and the trails allow walkers as well as bicyclists. Hell, even if you have a unicycle, you can ride that on there too!
  3. LIBRARY CARDS. That's right. You only need an address to get a library card. And you don't even need a card to go in and use the library. Pop a squat and grab a book and just relax. (And breathe deep - the smell of a library just takes me back to being little!)
  4. FREE STUFF ON CRAIGSLIST. I'm sure you all know it's there. But just go into Craigslist under the area you live in and type in free. Right now there are business opportunities, childcare, guinea pigs and ducks, moving boxes and more! You might not know what you are in the market for until you realize it is free.
  5. EVENTS. I have heard many people talk about about many events we have in Colorado. On any given weekend you can find something to do in every city (Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Estes Park, and more). There are typically event calendars on municipality websites and then you can check out the visitor bureau in the area you want to explore, they also have robust online calendars.

There are no excuses now. You need to get out and enjoy what there is to offer! And there is so much in this area that is FREE. It's Friday, so check some of these off the list!