...Or do 'ya'll' sound like you hail from Texas, Minnesota or New York? There are many different terms and pronunciations in the English language, and their popularity varies from state to state. 

Some Americans drink 'pop' while others eat 'car-a-mel;' Some take the 'highway,' while others prefer the 'freeway.' There are even terms that I, having lived in Colorado for 18 years, have never even heard of. What on Earth is a 'fox's wedding?'

Why we have so many dialects in one language, I don't know. That's why I'm grateful we can leave it to the smart people over at Harvard to do the research (yay, research!) so that I don't have to think too hard. Many people, other than linguists, have become fascinated with how differently Americans speak from the California coast to the Carolinas and everywhere in between — not only which words we say, but how we say them. According to Business Insider, there is a 'Regional Dialect Meme' video in which people from across the United States recorded themselves saying certain words. You can see a clip of it here courtesy of Business Insider:


Personally, I can't even say 'youse guys.' I just can't.

Thanks to the New York Times, you can also take an online quiz to find out where your dialect is from geographically. I took the quiz, and my results stated that based on the words I used, I was likely from Denver — which is, in fact, where I grew up. It's pretty cool that based solely on the 25 words and pronunciations I selected, this thing can pinpoint exactly where I'm from. Also, kind of creepy.

You can take the quiz for yourself here.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Author's note: If you're from the south, and you ask me for a 'coke,' you're getting a Coke, because 'Coke' is a name, 'soda' is the noun. Just saying.