Featured Trip Destination: Ghost Tours Stanley Hotel

Location: Estes Park, CO (Map)
Cost Per Person: $12-$20
Age Range: All Ages Trip Time: 1-2 Days

It doesn't need to be Halloween to get your fix of scares. All you have to do is take the haunted tour at the Stanley Hotel! Yes, the very same hotel that Stephan King based his book, 'The Shinning' on because there was something straight up creepy when he stayed there. The Stanley Hotel has tons of history and stories about creepy things happening that you are sure to get a little creeped out on the tour.

About the Hotel and Tour

Guest will be taken on a 90 minute tour that will talk about the history of the Stanley Hotel and the trials, tribulations, and experiences of the past and present. You will learn about the founders, specific events and rooms and take a walk through the past. For the really brave you can stay in some of the "haunted" rooms if you'd like. (NOTE: That is separate from the tour)

Here is the episode of 'Ghost Adventures' that features the Stanley Hotel