OK, so it's not really in Greeley, but Garden City, which is basically a street in Greeley. Still,  as a guy that grew up in that town, it surprised me. The place is called the Good Time Towne Tavern. Girls dance without shirts on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. 

I always was under the impression that strip clubs weren't allowed in Greeley or around it, and if you wanted to give a buck or two to a naked girl you had to go to the Hunt Club in Fort Collins, The Den near Cheyenne, or one of the hundreds of boobie bars in Denver. I guess thats not the case.

I would have never found out myself, but the other night a few of my friends and I went to the Nuggets game and were joking about going to the titty bar when one of my friends said there was one in Greeley. So we looked into it, and ended up finding the Good Time Towne Tavern on 6th Ave.

The place looked a little shady from the outside, and it is in the part of Greeley that can be a little rough, so I went to investigate while everyone else stayed in the car. There was a man outside who told me the girls were amazing and the drinks were cheap, plus the cover was only $5. By the time I got back to the car to tell my friends the news, they had decided we were leaving because they were scared.

Thats where my experience ends, but I did find a Facebook page for the place, and it has a few pictures. Looks a little rough, but hey, we have boobie bar in Greeley!