If you have ever worked in a kitchen, or know someone who has you usually get the whole "if you knew what actually happened in there, you wouldn't eat it" spiel. However, there are regulations in place that make you feel a little safer when eating out, that is unless the restaurant can't follow the rules. 

That seems to be the case for Tacos Y Salsas at 1923 9th St. in Greeley. The restaurant had its business license suspended by the Weld County commissioners on Monday after repeated violations over the last year.

The violations were so bad that health and environment department employees called the violations critical and said they could cause food borne illnesses. Overall, there were 34 violations, 23 were considered critical, and 16 of those were at risk for food borne illnesses. Additionally, 22 of the 23 were repeated problems, including 14 of 16 food borne illness risk repeats. The violations ranged from employee drinks being stored with food and improper hand washing techniques to improper food handling and storing food at wrong temperatures.

The restaurant will remain closed until it comes to code. It also has been fined $1,000.

There is another Tacos Y Salsas location, 3220 23rd Ave. in Evans, and it does not have the same problems.