Fast food isn't very good for you, I know, and quite frankly a lot of it isn't even worth the extra pounds that it will pack on you. I would rather just eat a turkey sandwich at home then waste money and calories on the junk they serve you these days. That is unless we are talking about Chik-fil-A! Maybe the best fast food joint in the history of fast food is coming to Centerplace in Greeley along with a few other businesses. 

12 years ago the north side of Highway 34 in Greeley saw one of the biggest business booms in the cities history when the Centerplace shopping center took shape. But after a decade there was still a lot of room for growth, and that is finally going to happen.

So far this year, city planners expect the opening of Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread, Goodwill and a Homewood Suites hotel, all in the same mostly vacant lot just north of Safeway off of 46th Avenue and Centerplace Drive.

There is no word yet on when construction will begin.