America's 50th state celebrates it's 53rd birthday as being a part of the USA today (Aug 21).

We're just curious- have you ever been to Hawaii?

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It's truly one of the nation's if not the worlds destinations: Hawaii.  Hawaii became our 50th state back in 1959 and has been a shining gem for America ever since.   People travel there for weddings, for honeymoons, just to get away.  In my 45 years, I have yet to visit the islands, though I have know people who have- that's ALMOST the same, right? No.

If you get the chance, I recommend watching The Descendants. It came out in 2011, with George Clooney as a member of a family who are descendants of King king Kamehameha.  It really doesn't seem likely, with Clooney being very Caucasian (and the rest of his family in the film) it has something to do with cousins.  It's a great movie- set in Hawaii.  Beautiful 'scapes eat up the screen through much of the movie!