I think I saw the blue peaks to the West this morning for the first time in ages. But, if you're anticipating a completely clear day, don't hold your breath (or...do?).

The wildfire season in Colorado hasn't been horrible this summer (remember 2012, everyone?), but the Northwest's second-hand smoke has left us in a fog for weeks now.

According to CBS Denver, 'smoke and haze drifting from Pacific Northwest wildfires could hang around Northern Colorado for weeks, the National Weather Service predicts.'

Meteorologists are predicting that the wet, rainy season that arrives in October will fully extinguish any remaining fires, and then we can all breathe easy. They also reported that the smoke's impact on visibility has delayed flights out of Denver International Airport.

As of today, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Air Pollution Division has declared the Front Range Air Quality Forecast and Smoke Outlook status as 'good.'