Right about this time each year I get this uncontrollable smile on my face that I cant seem to wipe off... Almost the type where you just met that super cute girl and you cant stop thinking about her. But in this case that super cute girl is a 37-year-old dude who wears tight pants and an orange shirt. Today that smile is extra big because said dude and yours truly finally met. 

I still believe that I was the guy who single handedly convinced Peyton Manning last March to come to Denver with a song I wrote and performed for him. But because we both have such busy schedules we wren't ever able to meet face to face... Until today!

A trip down to the Broncos Practice Facility at Dove Valley in Denver had me out of bed way earlier that I would have liked, and dealing with morning rush hour traffic in Denver is enough to make you go insane, but well worth the lack of sleep and extra stress.

After finding a seat on a still-wet hill from rain the night before, and getting mud all over my pants where mud shouldn't be, and among thousands of other Bronco maniacs I settled in fr the three hour practice. Yes practice...

About halfway through the practice the coolest part of the day happened. That is when Peyton Manning, one of the best to ever play the game, saw a kid in the front row of the section we were sitting in who must have looked thirsty. So as any superstar would do, Peyton grabbed one of the teams water bottles, stepped away from practice and gave the kid a drink and a high five. Bet he never forgets that!

Once practice was over, players that want to sign autographs can do so, and today only one guy chose to do it... You guessed it, Peyton. He started about 25 yards away from me, so I figured there was no way he would get to me, but he signed, signed, and signed somemore until he made it to me. Not expecting much when I packed this morning I brought nothing to get signed, so I ended up just getting the roster they give you at practice autographed by one of the best quarterbacks ever. Among me were a bunch of rude people shoving things in Peytons face and yelling things at him, so I thought I would be the guy who was kind and simply said "what you are doing is pretty cool, man. I appreciate having you, and good luck this year." That's when Peyton, who hadn't looked up from his signing in about 30 people, looked up at me, smiled, and said "thanks a lot man, I appreciate that!"

To say the least, we are lucky to have this guy representing our state! Oh, and if you see me smiling like a little school boy for the next few months, no, it's not that I found the love of my life, it's just that Peyton F'ing Manning and I are now buddies! :)