It is now the digital age, and more and more couples can claim that their relationship is a direct result. It seems as though every time you turn on the TV you see an ad for a new dating website that fits your exact needs. There was however, a time when people actually went out to meet people, or bumped into them by accident and ended up together. This week has been declared "meet a mate week." How did you meet yours?

Time to get out and meet your special someone. The idea is to get enough people around the U.S. to get out there so they run into each other. A recent Internet survey for Chanel of 1500 college students ages 17-21 and young professionals ages 22-29, revealed that while a majority are willing to take chances to meet the love of their lives, the rules of the dating game have not changed.

  • 58% believed in love at first sight
  • 31% said they would take a chance on love
  • 23% said they would take a chance on traveling around the world
  • 18% said they would take a chance in owning their own business
  • 61% prefer to ask someone out in person, 18% prefer to ask someone out over the phone and 7% via e-mail
  • 61% of young adults wait 2-3 days following a first date to set up the second.
  • 35% cite hair as the most important physical factor in the search for love, while 24% consider fragrance to be the most essential date item.

The top 5 ways to meet people for "Echo Boomers" (aged 18-27) the most frequent way that people meet is via school, at 34%. Following is via work at 15%, through friends at 9%, social activities with friends at 8%, and 4% of "Echo Boomers" meet at a bar. The least popular way to meet someone is via a dating service (not online dating), at less than 1%.

With "Gen X" individuals (labeled between 28-39) the most popular way to meet people is through work, at 19%. Following are through friends at 18%,14% through school, social activities with friends comes in at 8%, and number 5 is via a club or bar for "Gen Xers" at 6%. Once again, dating services come in dead last at less than 1%.