Unfortunately one of the most beautiful towns we have in Northern Colorado was also one of the most destructed in the recent Colorado floods. Not only was Estes Park destroyed in many areas, but the ways we are used to being able to get into and out of the town were also destroyed. Here is how you can access Estes now... 

Highway 34 in the Thompson Canyon was almost a complete loss and officials presume it will take around 18 months to repair.

The use of Highway 7 to enter Estes Park is still restricted by the National Guard to Estes Valley residents or family arriving to assist them, people who work in Estes Park, supply deliveries and emergency services. Visitors must be turned away.

US 36 Eastbound is also closed at mile-marker 36-1, cutting off access to Estes.

So for now, the only way into Estes is via US34 through the National Park. That's the scenic Trail Ridge Road over the Continental Divide.

The red circles on the map below show where the roads are closed.