Sure, I am a guy, underwear can certainly be sexy. They can also be gross! This underwear story falls under the gross category if you ask me. Unfortunately these chones didn't come off of a Kate Upton or Brad Pitt, but rather a bigger, sweatier, man who obviously couldn't quite reach all the parts that needed to be wiped. You guessed it, Elvis' used, stained, whitie-tighties are for sale. 

A pair of soiled underwear worn by Presley under his white jumpsuit -- and not washed afterward -- is expected to fetch $16,000 (10,000 pounds) at an auction in England next month, Metro UK and other outlets reported. But Omega Auctions' website, which displays the item, put the estimate between $11,000 and $14,000 as of Monday afternoon.

The King wore the skivvies during a concert in 1977, and were obtained from the estate of his dad, Vernon Presley,, according to reports. It is not clear why after hundreds of thousands of concerts Elvis still got so nervous that it scared the crap out of him or if they were the same pair of undies that were around his ankles at the time of his final bathroom break (aka his death).

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