A few weeks back I took a big chance in putting my Halloween costume all in your hands. I was so certain that I was going to have to be Miley Cyrus that I had already purchased the costume, but luckily it seems as though you don't hate me that much. Instead after all the votes were tallied the majority of you wanted me to rock all little Poison and be Bret Michaels. Here is how I pulled it off. 

Pretty sure you don't need step by step instructions for this one, but in case you are wondering what you have to do to look like I did Saturday night here ya go...

Get yourself a blonde wig (mine was too blonde by the way, you are looking for that sort of dirty blonde), then a bandanna, a beat up cowboy hat, and a little eye-liner (which my step-mother was gracious enough to help me with because it was my first experience with eye makeup), and your head is set. Throw on a some of those pointy-toed cowboy boots, some tight jeans, and a cut-off rock t-shirt. That's it! All you need now is some big-boobed blonde to hang on your side (which I was missing), and bust out "Every Rose."

If for some reason you buy a wig that is too blonde like I did, and you don't feel like being Bret all night, you can pull off your cowboy hat, just wear the bandanna, and you will look a little more like Axl Rose. Then since your costume changes, you could also be called a Transformer! Boom!! Three costumes in one!!