Hurry, hurry! Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and you are running out of time to come up with ideas on how to impress your date to the point of her wanting to sleep with you... After all, that is what V-Day is all about for guys who don't already have a woman they love deeply, that puts out regularly. Good news, I have found a way to almost double your odds of getting some action!

You could spend all kinds of cash on flowers, candies, and other gifts, and you probably should do some of that stuff, but the key to getting laid on the most romantic holiday of the year is saving enough money to get a hotel room!

According to a new survey:

64% of Americans are more likely to watch TV than get intimate with their significant other this Valentine's Day.  So, what's the secret to breaking the pattern?  According to the same survey, a change of scenery - along with some room service - might be the best way to light the fire.  In fact, more than two in five (42%) Americans think they are more likely to "get lucky" in a hotel room.

They may be a bit more expensive since it is V-Day, but while you are staring blankly into your computer screen wondering if it's worth it, ask yourself how badly you want the night to end right... Put that gigantic teddy bear that cost $75 back, and get a room!