There's no doubt that Bronco fans are some of the best and most loyal in the NFL. However, how do they rank when you take more detailed data into account? Unfortunately, you quantify things like passion and support, but you can look a things like ticket prices, market population, income and a number of other tangible factors, over fifteen years compared to a teams won-loss record... This is exactly what Scholar Blogs did. They call it the "revenue premium" model, and you may be surprised where some of the most "popular teams" landed.

It's not that surprising that the Dallas Cowboys topped the list at number, or that the New England Patriots came in at number two. Also, it's not surprising that the Cleveland Brows and Miami Dolphins game in at 31 and 32. But what was very surprising is that teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos came in at 13 and 14... What?

Thats right, Bronco fans came in at number 13 on the list. So, taking perception out of the equation, and only looking at tangible metrics that can be monetized. The Broncos come in right after the Houston Texans, and aheads of the Steelers.

To be honest, I find this hard to believe.

Scolar Blogs