Do we really need yet another massive truck stop along I-25?

When I first read about the new Love's truck stop planned to go up late next year at the Berthoud exit on I-25, I thought, "Really? Do we really need another one?"

Then I remembered the dozen or more times, when driving home from Denver, that I realized I desperately needed gas and I'd already passed Johnson's Corner. All the times that I barely made it to the Loveland exit, coasting in on fumes. Guess I must not be the only one!

The new Love's Travel Stop truck stop will have fuel pumps, (of course) a convenience store, 24-hour fast food restaurants, and trucker facilities. More importantly, the business will provide new jobs, employing 50-60 people!

It's also good news for the small town of Berthoud, which hasn't had any significant commercial development in years. They will certainly welcome the increased property and sales tax revenues coming in.

Check out Loveland's Reporter Herald for more information.