I can remember a time not too long ago when "American Idol" was THE reality show. I realize there were reality shows before it, but when it came out and continued to grow, it became something that no one ever expected. An over saturation of copycats doing the same thing, the same thing for too many years now, and staff changes have made the singing contest's popularity decline over the last few years. Now there will be more changes, so if you could pick any judge you wanted that would make "American Idol" better, who would it be?

On the heels of auditions for last years Season 10, Fox paraded out new judges to an audience in Los Angeles. As rumors had already pretty much confirmed, Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and pop star/former Fox’s “In Living Color” Fly Girl dancer Jennifer Lopez were the next to join the panel. Randy Jackson hung on for dear life, as well. Last year “Idol” also moved to Wednesday and Thursday nights and the ratings bounced back a bit, averaging about 25 million viewers.

The same three-judge panel remained going into Season 11, though ratings took a tumble. With an average of around 19 million people for the season, it was the show’s smallest audience since way back in 2002 for the debut season. Approximately 22 million people watched Phillip Phillips walk away with the “Idol” crown in May, the smallest finale on record.

Now both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are gone, and Mariah Carey is in. Apparently, that sly fox Randy Jackson, who has worked with Mariah and is the only surviving original judge, was apparently “instrumental” in making that deal. So even though there’s no word on whether he’ll be in or out, he appears safe. That still leaves one judge opening....