Every time I find myself in a Mexican restaurant I think the same thing... I just took a bite of my chip, and man was that salsa good, think anyone would mind if I dip the rest of my chip back into the salsa so I don't have to eat it naked?! Otherwise known as double dipping, the practice of dipping food in a communal sauce, taking a bite, and then dipping again. How do you feel about double dipping? 

It seems as though the same generation that was allowed to play in the dirt, go out into public without hand sanitizer in their pockets, and wasn't afraid to eat the day old hamburger in fear of getting sick, is the same generation that cares less about double dipping. A recent survey commissioned by T.G.I. Friday’s found that 67% of people ages 18 to 34 say it is OK to double dip, while only 28% of people ages 55 and older say it is acceptable. Of those who say it is sometimes acceptable to dip more than once, 32% of respondents say it’s a ok when in the presence of family and 13% say it’s o.k. when out with close friends. However, 94% say that a romantic setting is no place for double dipping.