Yesterday i wrote a blog about the bad in the world. It is everywhere and can easily bring a person down if you let it. I say don't let it! Instead have fun with life, do things that are out of your comfort zone, make people smile, and be you. For me, that means it is time to pull the "interesting" colorful pants out of the closet!

If you know me, you know I am a bowler. I used to be more of a bowler than I am now, but i still get a few games in every week, and the occasional tournament too. Ever since I started bowling big tournaments I started wearing "fancy pants" as my sort of trademark. I get some crazy looks to say the least, and I am sure that there are a lot of folks who wonder W.T.F (for lack of better terms).

Here is why I do it... First of all I don't mind attention, duh! There is no one in there right mind that is going to put on a pair of pink, purple, and orange stripped pants and then go out in front of hundreds of people if you don't like attention. Next, I always thought bowling needed some spunk if you will. Watching guys roll a ball at wooden sticks for hour on end can be boring, I know. Add some emotion, some personality, it makes it more fun to watch! I also wear the pants because I am very inartistic. I wish I could do artsy things, but there just isn't an artsy bone in my body. So to get my art expression out I get tattoos and wear colorful pants. I also feel like it is an expression of my mentality. Love everything, smile, and be happy. Even though most people don't share their way of thinking on their pants, I feel like it is a unique way to do so. Finally, I wear the pants because they are me. I am weird, I am off the wall, and I like colorful pants in all honesty.

Now I know if it a far fetched idea, but if more people wore colorful dress pants I truly feel the world would be a better place. People would be laughing and having a good time because of the pants they were wearing rather than fighting about who they were voting for. That sounds more fun to me.

This weekend is the first big bowling tournament for me this season, and you guessed it, I will be pulling the pretty pants out. I hope they bring me luck on the lanes, but more than that, i hope they make someone smile! After all, bowling is just a game, we will all go to our real jobs again on Monday and eventually forget all about what happened at the tournament, but we won't forget the good times we make along the way!

P.S. You may want to watch out for what is under the fancy pants this weekend because I think fancy underpants can help in making the weekend more fun too :)