Michael Strahan is exiting "Live with Kelly and Michael" earlier than expected, hurrying producers to find his replacement as soon as possible.

ABC confirmed on Tuesday that Strahan will be leaving the show on May 13 - months sooner than initially expected.

While Kelly Ripa could and should host the show on her own (with a hefty raise), we have some ideas in mind for Michael Strahan's replacement that Coloradans already know and love, and would make fantastic additions to 'Live.'

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    Matt Makens

    Just like Kelly Ripa learned over the last week, Matt Makens knows that when it rains...it pours. (See video.) So they can definitely relate to each other on that level as co-hosts.

    Plus, Matt is available for his next gig.

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    Tim Farnsworth

    Professional sign shaker Tim Farnsworth is probably the only person with enough energy to keep up with Kelly Ripa's vivaciousness.

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    Drew Cuthbertson

    Townsquare Media's sarcastic-but-fun-loving DJ, Drew, is already prepping for the co-hosting gig by loading up on plenty of energizing sugar. And with his local idol being Kyle Clark, you know his aspirations in media are on the right path.

    Which brings us to our next suggestion...

    Drew Cuthbertson/TSM
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    Kyle Clark

    Talented, funny, and pretty...Kyle Clark is one hell of a triple threat, and he'd be a great replacement for Michael Strahan.

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    Kathy Sabine

    Sometimes putting 2 fabulous females together can be a bad idea, because as much as women are awesome and amazing, we ladies also know how catty we can get. But I just get the feeling this power couple could potentially become ABC's very own version of Kathy Lee and Hoda. Except they can drink tequila instead of wine.

    I'm a little worried Kathy Sabine might steal some of Kelly's shine, though.


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