Let's cut right to the chase: The childhood home of Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain is up for sale by Aberdeen Realty, and the asking price is $400,000.

"There are a number of exciting possibilities for this unique property, including moving the building and incorporating it into a larger institution or private collection," the sales pitch on the Realtor website states. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of rock history."

The 1,522 square foot, one-and-a-half story bungalow style house was built in 1923 and is located at 1210 E. 1st St in Aberdeen, Washington. The price has already dropped $100,000 since it was first listed in September of 2013. According to Reuters, many notable traces of the late rock icon are still there including "marks and drawings Cobain made on the walls, and a hole he punched in a wall as a teen, almost breaking his hand."

Cobain lived in this home "until he was nine, when his parents separated, and then again from age 16 until about 20," according to the Agency.

It seems the line of those trying to cash in on Cobain's name is never ending. Earlier this year, it was a T-shirt with Cobain's suicide note on it. Then it was an old credit card. Now, it's a house.


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