To all of you girls reading this while brushing a fresh coat of 'Midnight Noir' lacquer on your fingernails and streaming Teen Witch on your Netflix, this is for you. I am one of you.

(True story: One time, a guy asked me to 'Netflix and chill' with him. I said, 'Sure, Teen Witch?' ... and then he left. I watched Teen Witch alone and it was great.)

But back to what I was saying.

I'm talking to you if your wardrobe is a marriage of leather and ripped nylon, in variations of onyx, ebony and every shade in between, every Bombay kitty in your neighborhood follows you home, and you often find yourself  home on a Saturday night, candles lit, with Lykke Li, The Jezebels, and Fleetwood Mac spinning on your  'hexy' playlist. Brooding doesn't have to be done alone in your bedroom anymore! You can do it in good company, on Thursday, April 28 at the Downtown Artery with L.A. WITCH.

On the band's Tumblr page (yes, they even 'tumbl,' just like us), they credit '90s at Noon regulars, The Breeders as an influence.

L.A. WITCH -- Heart of Darkness

L.A. WITCH - Get Lost