The Larimer Humane Society is investigating the deaths of six cats who were found dismembered.

According to the Reporter-Herald, the cats were found around Larimer County since April; they cited Kaylene Weingardt, marketing and community outreach program manager for the Larimer Humane Society,
saying the condition in which the cats have been found are of "concern to us."

The Larimer Humane Society is working with the Department of Natural Resources Parks and Wildlife, to see if the dismemberment is animal caused, meaning coyotes or another predator. Obviously, it's devastating if it's a predatory animal, but would be unpalatable if it were a human caused.

The Humane Society advises cat owners to follow city ordinances and keep their cats indoors or if you have a super fancy cat, on a leash. They do ask you, if you have seen anything suspicious, to give the Larimer Humane Society office a call at 970-226-3647.