A Larimer County Sheriff's Sergeant was involved and cited in a hit-and-run accident involving residential property on Sunday evening off of Knobcone Drive in Loveland.

As the Coloradoan reported, a Larimer County Sheriff's Office Sergeant was distracted by a pager going off, and sped away after he crashed through a pair of fences in someone's yard on his way to work Sunday evening.

The resident of the house in Loveland, Steven Guardado was in his backyard with his family including a 7-month-old daughter literally just moments before the accident happened around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Then he heard the vehicle take off and headed after it, that's when he saw the LCSO badge.

He called police, and when they arrived they asked Sergeant Isaac Nail why he left the scene and his response, "that's a good question."

Nail did take a roadside test and passed.

When Loveland Police Department officers arrived, Nail had changed out of his uniform and was in street clothes.

The LCSO Sergeant was cited for careless driving, leaving the scene after striking property and failure to notify police of a crash.

Thankfully none of the parties involved were injured.