Police Chief Mike Berkemeir of Laurelville, OH had a rude awakening on Easter Sunday.  He mistakenly consumed some pot laced cake that was sitting on his kitchen counter.  Shortly after eating the cake he became extremely sick from and was worried about what was happening to him.  He decided to seek medical attention and drove to his police station a few blocks away.  He commented later that he didn't even remember making the drive.

Berkemeier was later admitted to a local hospital where he found out that the cake was his daughter's.  He also found out at this time that the cake was indeed laced with marijuana.  Berkemeier then received a sedative to sleep off the effects from the marijuana.

I got up in the morning and ate it... the entire thing...  All I can describe is that it was the worst feeling in the world.  I thought I was dying. - Police Chief Mike Berkemeier