Unless you were one of the only 20,000 people out of over one million that registered and received tickets via a lottery system for the only show Led Zeppelin has performed together since 1980 in 2007, then you have either not seen what some call "the greatest rock n' roll band ever" live in at least 31 years or, like most, you have never seen them. Because lead singer Robert Plant seems to have no interest in ever doing Led Zeppelin again, your next best bet is coming to Ft. Collins. Get The Led out is the largest nationally touring Led Zeppelin tribute band, and many believe the best. They will be rocking the Lincoln Center in Ft. Collins on Saturday October 8th.

Get The Led out has been wowing audiences since 2003 when a couple of Pennsylvania musicians contacted Paul Sinclair about singing in a Led Zeppelin project they were trying to get started. At first many members of the band wanted to do an impersonator sort of thing, but that was never Sinclair's vision for the band, instead the band focuses on playing the music they love accurately with all instrumentation.

Now dubbed the "American Led Zeppelin," Get The Led out has not only sold out many prominent venues such as the Nokia Theater in New York and the House of Blues in Boston, but also have the critics raving. The Patriot News, Central Pennsylvania's leading news source, claimed "Get The Led Out didn't just pass Zeppelin 101 with flying colors- They're working on their Ph.D."

If you are a Led Zeppelin music fan the two plus hour show that Get The Led Out is bringing to the Lincoln Center on October 8th is sure to impress. With a strong focus on the early years, they also touch on the deeper cuts that were seldom, if ever, heard in concert. Plus with the full studio band, Get The Led out brings a sound that even the real Led Zeppelin didn't pull off live.