Hi, I'm Drew.  If you're a night owl, you might already be familiar with me; if not, well, you're about to be!

That's right, I'm moving from the reclusive obscurity of the night shift into the bright light of mid-days, right here on 94.3 The X.

So here's who I am:

  • I've lived in Colorado all my life; grew up in Aurora, moved to FoCo, loved it, and stayed.  Because Colorado is awesome.  Moving on...
  • I absolutely love the music we play.  Growing up, it was alternative bands like The Offspring, Green Day, and Nirvana who finally drew me away from the oldies and country music I was raised on.  Needless to say, I never looked back.  Speaking of which...
  • 90's ALTERNATIVE IS MY JAM.  The first thing I said when they offered me the midday gig was "Holy sh*t, I get to do the 90's @ Noon!"  The word "excited" doesn't quite cover it.  Seriously, it's gonna be epic.
  • I'm an absolute nerd.  You will occasionally hear me talking about video games, comic book movies and Doctor Who during my show.  Accept it.
  • I love meat loaf.  It gets a bad wrap, but I think it's delicious.

I think that's a good start.  My first show will be Monday, February 22nd, 10am to 3pm.

Who's ready to have some fun?