Time travel movies will warp your brain inside out. Looper (playing at the Metrolux 14) is no exception.  But it's about more than the 'possibilities' and 'probabilities' of zipping through time and space.  It's about love, redemption, and-- action.

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I saw "Looper" just this past Friday at The Metrolux 14 in Loveland, Colorado and couldn't have had more fun.   Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as an assassin in 2044 who works for the mob. The mob that lives 30 into the future.  Time travel has been discovered in the mob's time, but it's illegal- hence the mob uses it. Joe's (Gordon-Levitt) job is to wait for deliveries from the mob and dispose of them.  He waits in a field and 'bam' -right on time- appears a person with a bag over their head, and Joe kills them with his blunerbuss weapon, and makes sure the body is never found- not that anybody would be looking 30 years into the past for this person.

It's not ideal, but it's a pretty good job being a 'Looper', considering the slum-like conditions that 2044 seems to exist in.  Joe gets paid a lot- in silver bars which he keeps stashed in his apartment, and parties his nights away at strip clubs and doing the drug of

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2044 which is delivered to the blood stream via eye droppers.   A looper's career goes fairly simple up unto the point where the mob ends your contract- by sending your future-self back in time as one of your deliveries.  You either kill your old self and go on your merry way with a 'golden' parachute kind of payoff- OR you chicken out and your old self gets away.

That's where Bruce Willis comes in as "Old Joe"- Young Joe shows up for his delivery

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and it's himself- 30 years older.  The filmmakers did do a good job of altering Gordon-Levitt's appearance to look more like Bruce- but Gordon-Levitt also pulls off some great Bruce Willis gestures and smirks to make it believable.

The story takes off as "Old Joe" is trying to escape from "Young Joe" (who he escaped from upon being delivered)- while also trying to stop the future so-called "Rainmaker" - so that Rainmaker won't close all the loops. Sure it's a little confusing, but I haven't even thrown in how "Old Joe" is trying to beat the clock- so that he will eventually meet the woman HE marries- before "Young Joe" falls for another woman! The other woman could be the woman played by Emily Hunt- a farm owner, and guardian of a little boy.. That little boy is smart.  And the actor portraying him is very cute. Double damage!

I recommend "Looper" highly. Grade A fun- with great action, great drama, and some great humor thrown in as well.  I see it going down as a sci-fi classic, In the realm of 'Blade Runner'.

Rated R for violence, brief nudity, and adult themes.

 4 out of 5 stars..  See it today at The Metrolux 14!