In a bizarre turn of events, a jewelry thief in Loveland was busted after he dumped a pile of high-end wristwatches, his mobile phone, and his pants behind a nearby 7-11 store.

According to UPI, two men broke into the Jared Jewelry store in Centerra, around 2:45 in the morning. Police showed up after the pair tripped a burglar alarm and saw one of the men disappear behind a nearby convenience store.

There they found a pair of pants, a cellphone and the stolen watches. They also found a muddied-up guy who looks an awful lot like the guy in a lot of photos stored on the phone they found. ("It's not mine, I swear! Oh...yeah, maybe it is mine.")

Police said they recovered 69 high-end watches, worth a total of about $200,000, allegedly taken during the burglary.

Taking off your pants is probably not the most effective means of hiding your identity from police, especially when your cell phone is still in the pocket.

Glad they got this bottom-feeder off our streets.

His partner is still out there though, if you know this suspect or about the other man involved please call Loveland Police Detective Koopman at 970-962-2248.