Each summer, the City of Loveland does a call for 3-D art entries. In the end, several pieces end up being placed around downtown on display for a year. The 2016 winning pieces currently include the scary 'Iscariot' at 3rd Street and Lincoln!

Dave Jensen, TSM

Loveland's Art in Public Places Program, in conjunction with the city's TAAP (The Art Advocacy Project) has announced that they are looking for submissions in it's annual downtown exhibition. Winning submissions will be given $1,000 and have their pieces on display in Downtown Loveland from June of 2016 through June of 2017.

The 2015-2016 pieces featured some interesting pieces, including a Corsair plane across from The Rialto Theater, and 'Iscariot'- the very creepy mermaid morphing into an octopus at 3rd Street and Lincoln.

Northern Colorado artists have until April 29, 2016, to submit their work to be judged; the winning pieces will go on display in early June!  Things to keep in mind: The pieces must be durable and able to withstand the outdoor elements of Colorado, and there are NO size requirements. Go big, go small, go ART!

Get the entry details HERE!

Take a closer look at 'Iscariot!'