Just before Valentines Day this year, a Loveland woman had to shoot the man she’d been in a long-term relationship with.

A two month investigation is over.

Get the details inside.

The Loveland Reporter-Herald is reporting how the Larimer District Attorney’s office on Friday released its conclusion in their two-month investigation into  a shooting  west of Loveland on February 12th , 2012 and have decided it to be justifiable homicide.

That Saturday night, shots were fired in the home that Jeffrey Lynn Buckley shared with his long-time girlfriend Wendy Vita Hart.  When Larimer Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the home around 10pm that night, Wendy told them that she had shot Jeffrey in self-defense.

She later told investigators that Jeffrey was drunk that night and became physically aggressive; so she barricaded herself in the bathroom, with a gun.

From The Reporter-Herald:

“…she was in fear of imminent death or great bodily injury,” prosecutors said in a press release.

Paramedics found Buckley in the home with gunshot wounds in his upper abdomen and chest, and took him to Medical Center of the Rockies where he died at 11:46 p.m.

Jeffrey’s (51) body was also found with contusions to his knuckles which, according to the report, are consistent with “punching an object”

The report does not state whether Wendy (56) had suffered any injuries. Not to say that that matters.

According to Colorado law in the case of self-defense, no charges can be filed unless there is evidence that disproves the claims of self-defense.  Hence, a two-month investigation into the shooting.

The public will probably never know what happened leading up to that gun going off that night.  Was there a history of violence between Jeffrey and Wendy?  Had she sought help prior to one of them being killed?

I’ve heard it said:  You are more likely to be killed with a gun by someone you know, rather than a stranger.

I’ve also seen alcohol turn someone you know and love into someone you would NEVER want to meet.

Help for domestic violence and alcohol abuse  is a phone call away. Whether you call a friend, a family member, or professional help from service such as Alternatives To Violence and All About Counseling.