Andrew Wardle boasts that he has slept with over 100 women, yet he does not have a Willie.  Andrew was born without a penis.  According to The Sun, his birth defect "has caused him mental anguish, even driving him to the brink of suicide."  Despite his defect, Andrew still managed to bed over 10 women.  He used drug use as an excuse, claiming that he couldn't take things too far because he "couldn't rise to the occasion."

He goes on to say “I’ve been to bed with over 100 women. Some were one-night stands, some long-term relationships. I’ve told 20 per cent of them the truth."

Two years ago, Andrew discovered that their is an operation that he could get that would give him back his manhood.  You can learn more about his operation here.

See what Free Beer and Hot Wings have to say about the man without a penis below.

They probably go back to that technology we talked about for making chicken nuggets to make this... Like shoot into a penis mold. - Zane