According to the Coloradoan, two sunroofs that were shattered in the Fort Collins area Monday night are currently be investigated and the possibility exists for them to be turned over to the task force assigned to three shootings over the Summer.

The first shattering occurred at 4:19 pm beneath an underpass located on I-25 between the Windsor and Harmony exits. The Coloradoan states that nothing suspicious was found with the incident and it has not been made clear yet on which direction the driver was heading.

The second shattering occurred at 5:13 pm at an underpass located at mile marker 271 near the Mountain Vista exit. The driver was travelling northbound on I-25 at the time and troopers are still currently working on the case.

There are no records on how many sunroofs have been broken in the area recently. While most of the incidents that have occurred in Northern Colorado in 2015 have been concluded to be caused by debris, officials are taking each case seriously as they work to find out the cause of three shootings over the Spring and Summer that ended fatally in two of the cases.

The task force assigned to those cases continues to work on answers to those shootings.