Over the last few days I have seen and read about this map that shows every state and which band they listen to more than any other state. Basically telling you which band is your state's favorite. That is all good and fine, but ask anyone and they will be able to tell you their least favorite band before their favorite. Thus a new map that shows every states least favorite band. 

The new map comes to us courtesy of Twitter account sir broosk...


I was going to say that it is nice to see that the US is united in at least one way, but then I looked a little closer and saw Florida... Yea, what's wrong with U2??

And by the way, Creed may suck, but don't hate on their guitar player, Mark Tremonti, he is a badass! Notice not one state hates his other band Alter Bridge. So in other words the real reason all of these states hate Creed is none other than the wife-beater, leather pants wearing, whiner himself, Scott Stapp.

P.S. There is no actual research to prove that this map is factual, so don't hate on me if your whole family loves Creed and make up half the state of Wyoming... I think it's funny!