Man, this is one of those sneak up on me with S tons of great music weeks. Some bands I love like Cynic and Sahg released great new records but there were so many cool surprises this week from bands I'd never heard of before. There just really isn't a bad release week these days, man. There is SO much music being made and it's so accessible. Anyone who says there isn't any good music out there is just lazy. Not you. Unless it is you.


Speaking of lazy, I would be typing all day if I highlighted ALL of the cool releases this week so I'll highlight a few but list the rest.  I try to post a good cross-section of different styles so, again, this list is not just a rock/metal list.

Okay then, ma man, here are my new music picks for the week of 2-18-14.


Metal Blade Records


Sahg 'Delusions Of Grandeur'

Sahg is, I guess, Norwegian doom-y metal. I'm bad with the sub-sub-sub-su genres mainly because it's stupid. These guys always put out good stuff. This is their 4th record and if you liked their others, you'll dig this. This is good if you dig heavy but also dig strong melody and singing rather than demonic howling. I like all of those things by the way.




Seasons Of Mist Records


Cynic 'Kindly Bent To Free Us'

I LOVE this band. I've always loved this band and anytime they release new music I will tell as many people as I can. These guys fit into that interesting space of being called a metal band but not being heavy enough for some to consider metal. I've always played them on the metal shows I've done but they really are more prog rock than metal (especially now). Regardless of all that nonsense, these guys are great players and this is GREAT headphone music. I envy you if this is your first time hearing them because you are SO going to have a special special. WAY special.



Jagjaguwar Records

Angel Olsen 'Burn Your Fire For No Witness'

Maybe you knew who Angel Olsen was because you're so damn hip but I didn't and she's fantastic. It's darker singer, songwriter stuff that I will likely listen to after I've committed my first serious crime. It has that contemplative, what in the world did I just do vibe going for it. Cool stuff, man.



The Compound / Godhunter / Battleground Records

Godhunter 'City Of Dust'

Another super cool record from  a band I'd never heard of before. So cool. These guys are out of Tuscon and they are good. That's all I know. I also know that I couldn't find an official video from them and I won't post YouTube bootleggery but you CAN stream the record (legally) here.



Blue Note Records

Takuya Kuroda 'Rising Son'

Really cool jazz trumpet stuff. It will make you wish you still had that trumpet from high school because you KNOW you could play this stuff...but you couldn't. Someone has to be honest with you about that. I'll be that guy.



Universal Republic

Ida Maria 'Accidental Happiness'

This chick is probably cooler than you. I knew nothing about her until I clicked play. I still don't know a lot. I do know she is Norwegian even though I really think it should be Norwayan. She has  super cool, gruffness to her voice. This is another one I couldn't find a legit sample from so, you're kind of on your own. Teach a man to fish and all that....


And that's all the time I have. Here's a quick list of some other cool records to check out:

Artificial Brain 'Labyrinth Constellation'  [Metal]

Cripple Bastards 'Nero In Metastasi' [Metal]

Eligh & The Grouch 'The Tortoise And The Crow' [Hip Hop]

Falls 'Into The Fire' [Folk]

St. Paul & The Broken Bones 'Half The City' [R&B]

Kiven 'Kiven' [Rock]

Guster 'One Man Wrecking Machine' [Rock]