I learned about Magnetraction two years ago.

My snowboarding life changed after that.

What is it you ask? Well, the important thing is that it makes snowboarding more fun.

As the guy at Outpost Sunsport explained it to me, the idea clicked liked me into my bindings, and really started to make sense. Here's how Magnetraction is explained in About Sports:

Magnetraction is the trade name for a ski and snowboard design that uses a "wavy," or serrated edge to increase edge grip on ice or firm snow conditions. Unlike traditional board designs that use a straight edge, the waves on a magnetraction board contribute to multiple points of contact when the board is put up on edge.

The techincality doesn't matter. What does matter is this--skiing and snowboarding have never been easier because of the advances in technology.

Honestly, it's so much easier to turn a snowboard or a pair of skis than it's ever been. It started with shaped skis. It made such a difference, I could barely believe I could even get my straight skis around.

Then, the companies started experimenting with softness, hardness, different angles in the shapes, and have figured out how to make the boots, bindings, skis and even poles more responsive, and just plain old easier to use. A major change has been the width of skis, which I've found perform amazingly in powder and just as good on hard pack.

When they are easier to use, we can do more with the sports, and when that happens, we get closer to feeling like we are flying, which is what these sports are all about anyway.

My T.Rice Lib Tech board has Magnetraction, and it's never been easier for me to make turns.

So, if you used to be a skier and have been thinking you want to do it again, I am here to encourage you to get out there...but don't do it on your old gear! It makes it so much more difficult.

These activities are not about struggling. They are about fun! And it is always more fun when we feel safer, more able, less tired, less fatigued, and in control.

When the Northern Colorado Auction starts, you may be bidding against me on the ski package from Outpost Sunsport. My wife will look at me and think "You don't need any more snow gear". Wrong. One can never have too much snow gear! Happy bidding!