Once a week my hometown newspaper, the Greeley Tribune, puts together what they call their Crime Log. Basically they find the weirdest sh** that the cops encountered, and believe me there is a lot, in the town over the previous week. This week we learned that just because Greeley may get a bad rap at times does not mean that every guy that offers to give you a ride is a rapist. 

So what, Greeley has a bad stench and a few gangs, but we also have a bunch of flowers and nice people. It's not all bad! Although there are parts of the town I probably wouldn't want to walk through alone at night, that doesn't mean that every person that may talk to you while doing said walking is out to kidnap or murder you. Now, I am not saying they aren't either, but unless they make you enter their car, show you a weapon, or say something that may make you think they will do bad things, they probably mean no harm. Still, a woman in good old Greeley called the cops this last week and told them this:

February 11, 6 p.m.: A woman said she was walking to her mom’s house in the 1500 block of 7th Avenue when a man stopped in a red truck and asked her if she wanted a ride. The woman said no, and the male left. The woman called police because she was concerned the man was a rapist in the area who was kidnapping and murdering women. The man did not do anything.

First off, high five to the lady for not being stupid enough to get into the red truck with the dude when it's cold out and may have been tempting. But, I take that high five back because it's freak-shows like this that make Greeley have a bad name, unlike the nice dude who was trying to do someone a favor!

P.S. I will take it all back if anytime in the near future there is a kidnapping in Greeley and they are looking for a dude in a red truck.

Some of the other Crime Log highlights this week included:

-Two women were reportedly hanging around in the lobby near the restroom of the Clarion Hotel. The caller thought the two, who were wearing baggy clothing, went into the bathroom and were carrying backpacks.

-A caller notified police that her 17-year-old son was being a “real jerk.” The caller wanted to talk to an officer about her options for dealing with him.

-A caller needed an officer to answer questions about how to administer a polygraph test to someone he lived with.

-A strange man was laying on a caller’s patio swing near the intersection of 35th Avenue and 13th Street. He said he was looking for somewhere to sleep.