The Denver Film Society has a Women + Film program, where monthly, they highlight films about, by and for women. On Monday, with June’s monthly program, they’ll be debuting a film that some might call controversial- because it says that ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ is a myth.

Slobadon Djovic, ThinkStock

Over 1,000 people are in prison, convicted of shaking a baby and causing that child’s death. A movie that makes it Denver debut on Monday (June 1), discusses Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) and talks about the ‘junk science’ behind it.

‘Syndrome’ is a documentary that claims there is no real concrete proof that children who died from SBS, were actually shook before they died. The filmmakers are in no way, trying to diminish the tragedy of losing a child; but their film brings up some scary notions about the law, medicine and public sentiment that have created a faulty machine that has to be stopped.

The film is picking up awards all over as it makes its way across the country on the ‘festival circuit.’ This could be the ONE movie you HAVE to see this summer.

The Syndrome teaser from Meryl Goldsmith on Vimeo.