With school back in session, one of the things that can be most confusing for parents and students is the interpretation of the dress code. However, one family disagrees with their daughter being sent home over her clothing choices. According to Today, Jessica Dunn, a high school student in Kentucky, was sent home for the following outfit.


Can you figure our why she was sent home? According to the school's dress code, they do not allow students to wear "revealing" outfits, and they believe this fits into that category. Apparently it was deemed "inappropriate" because it showed her collarbone. She was sent to the principal's office for the violation, along with several other students for the same reason. The school feels that wearing such revealing clothing can be a distraction to the male students in class.

Jessica's mom was called to the school and shared her thoughts on social media.

“This is ridiculous! WOODFORD County High School and the principle have been enforcing a dress code where as girls can not show even there collar bones because it may distract their male class mates. Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones! Something needs to change!”

Her mom also brought her a scarf to cover up her exposed collar bones as you can see bellow, however she was still sent home after she gave the Principal "attitude."

So steph got sent home from school for giving the principal an attitude when he told her the scarf I brought her to...

Posted by Stacie Dunn on Thursday, August 13, 2015