On Friday, the Windsor Police announced that they had found evidence that links the fatal shooting of John Jacoby on Monday May 18th to the shooting of a woman who was driving on I-25 April 22nd.

Cori Romero was driving along I-25 and was shot in the neck. She was lucky to survive, but she did. John Jacoby was on his bike in Windsor when he was killed by two shots. To have incidents like this happen is horrible enough. To hear that they are indeed connected, sends a chill down a person’s spine. Who is this person that is still out there, and what might they have planned next?

Though they didn’t say what evidence they had that linked the two cases, one could guess that they have a ballistic report from shells found at both scenes. Even with the FBI now being involved in the case, the public needs to stay alert to any suspicious activity. A $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest is another reason to stay alert.

[Source: ABC7News]