Thinking back to four weeks ago I can remember how excited we were that there was finally football, sure it was preseason, but it was finally football. No I must be honest, I am over preseason football games that dont count. As a matter of fact I didn't even watch the Broncos preseason finale last night in Arizona. Good news is, the preseason is now over for the Broncos and the games matter starting next Sunday. So after watching them practice for four games how do you think the Broncos will fare this season?

Peyton Manning and the rest of the Broncos' starters took the fourth game of the preseason off, and Denver got a 44-yard field goal from Matt Prater as the game ended to beat the Arizona Cardinals 16-13 on Thursday night. The win evened the Broncos preseason record at 2-2.

The NFL regular season kicks off Wednesday night with a match-up between the reigning champion New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. The Broncos get a prime time national TV nod as they have a rematch from last years playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night (Sept. 9th) in Denver.