I keep seeing the ads on TV for this new app called Lumosity which basically has you play games involving math and other school subjects to help "improve your brain." I did that stuff when I was in high school and college and i'm over it. If I am going to waste my time improving my skills it's going to be on real life applications, like not getting caught staring at boobs. You guessed it... There is an app for that! 

So, do you also enjoy staring at women’s breasts?

If you answered “yes sir,” then you likely know that one of the many challenges of gawking at a woman’s rack in public is getting caught by the subject (or her boyfriend). Similar to looking directly at the sun, staring at boobs for a prolonged period of time is dangerous … you could go blind, get a foot up your ass or a slap in the face.

Thank goodness for the guys (we are assuming they are guys) at Venevi Enterprises. You see, they are perverts too and have published a new iPhone app to help out … Rack Stare!

According to the apps description, here is how it works:

So, here you are sitting next to a hot blonde. Your head unavoidably turns in her direction as you’re trying your best to put on an indifferent face. To pass a level, stare at the babes mouth-watering decollete as long as you can without being noticed. The more you stare, the more points you get. Don’t get too involved though, as you don’t want to be slapped in the face by the furious woman!

Become the world’s best Rack Starer now!


Ladies we must warn you... Rack Stare is secretly training a legion of perverted geeks and giving them ninja-like skills of prolonged breast staring … anytime, anywhere … totally stealth. You too must find a training technique or these guys will take over the world!!