Are you looking for something to do with the bags and bags of leaves you’ve been raking up in your yard? The City of Fort Collins’ Environmental Services Division sponsors a leaf exchange program that could make your life easier.

You can keep your yard waste out of the dump and find places to recycle it, or use it to find mulch and compost material you might need.


The Fort Collins Leaf Exchange is a decentralized, email-based service which uses Yahoo Groups to facilitate the exchange of leaves between people who want leaves, and those who have leaves to give away. (It is modeled on the highly successful FreeCycle program.)

If you’re anything like me you don’t like the idea of just throwing garbage cans full of leaves in the trash, nor do you want to have to pay extra to have the trash collectors pick it up from your house. This program sounds like it could save a lot of people some money and keep a lot of waste out of our landfills.

To participate in the Leaf Exchange visit the program website. Click the "sign up" link. If you already have a Yahoo! login, simply sign-in. If you do not have a Yahoo! login, fill out the online form to obtain a login.

And here is a link to other drop off locations for your yard waste. (Everything from leaves to grass clippings, branches, and garden debris.)

Picture by Sue Talbert Photography, Flickr.