Reality TV has taken this country by storm, and what I once thought was a fad doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I personally love the reality shows that take you out on an adventure, not the ones where big-assed sisters brag about how much money they have. One of my favorites is Swamp People, and this last weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with a couple guys from the show. 

RJ and Jay Paul Molinere who have been on History Channels Swamp People since Season Two appeared at the Great Colorado Outdoors Show over the weekend to talk and meet with fans. But once the dust settled, I got the chance to spend some personal time with RJ.

A Native American hunter with a fighter’s instinct, R.J. burst onto the scene two years ago and made a name for himself by catching some of the season’s biggest gators. Off the swamp, he’s a two-time world champion arm wrestler who channels the stress of hunting into his competitive drive.

Knowing about his arm wrestling background I couldn't help but ask... He agreed. I bet you can't guess how this turns out...