Video games take a lot of blame, whether it’s for violent crimes or life-destroying addiction.  This is the first time, though, that I’ve heard of someone blaming video games for lost limbs.

According to, Roxanne Myers was studying video game addiction for her college thesis.  She decided to go on a non-stop gaming binge as part of her research.  Seems legit.

While gaming, she fell asleep at her desk and inadvertently cut off the circulation to her feet. She had a undiagnosed blood clotting disease she herself didn’t know about until too late. She ended up losing her feet.

Yes, this actually happened; and yes, I think it’s ridiculous that she’s blaming the video games.  It’s not the games, but her disease that cost her her feet.

Here’s an interview with Myers.  Fair warning, the interviewer is terrible.  The awkward smile plastered to his face the whole time makes it seem like this story is a hoax.  Rest assured, it’s not.  I checked.  I kinda wish it was, though…

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