As one of downtown Loveland restaurants sets itself for a new name, another sets itself to just close. Loveland’s Heartland Café, in the heart of downtown, will shutter by April, 2015.

Dave Jensen, TSM

Loveland’s dining options continue to slide. Recently we’ve seen the closings of The Island Grill and The Happy Hour. Put this one in Loveland's “I thought that place would be open forever” column, along with Widow McCoy’s closing. The Heartland Café, a longtime spot at the corner of 4th and Lincoln in downtown, will be closing by April. It seems hard to believe.

I can’t say that I've frequented The Heartland a lot over the years. Maybe three or four times, tops. However, I've always appreciated the small town feel of it being there at 4th and Lincoln. It’s been there for at least 15 years; it’s been a staple. Now, they’re closing. If those seats could talk….

My first guess it that they’re just getting beat out by Doug’s Day Diner, just north of The Heartland on Lincoln. Doug’s has become wildly popular since opening in the summer of 2014. A lot of times, unless you’re adjusting to meet the competition, you’ll lose out to the competition.

A LACK of competition, oddly enough, is what puts Carl’s Canteen (kitty-corner to The Heartland on 4th) in a great position. There aren’t many restaurants like that place at all! You don’t hear of loose-meat sandwich shops opening all over the place, that’s for sure!

Rumor is, the building that houses The Heartland will be torn down; which could mean quite a change for 4th street.

What’s next?

The Heartland's Wall of... ?  Dave Jensen/TSM