Yet another long-time Fort Collins eatery has shut its doors for good. The latest closure is Sanford's Grub & Pub at 1526 Oakridge Drive.

Nothing has been updated on their Facebook page since May 27th, and they are still listed as a location on the Sanford's corporate website, but according to the Coloradoan, they abruptly shut down their business yesterday.

Sanford's originally opened their doors in 2002 in Old Town at the Union Pacific building at 200 Jefferson Street, which now houses Rodizio Grill. They moved near Harmony Road in 2007, and now in 2013 they are closing down.

I remember seeing the words, "Down home food with a Cajun attitude," inside Sanford's and they they had almost every imaginable kind of fried food I could ever dream of.

I feel bad for the employees that are now all out of work, I'm assuming this was a bit of a surprise for most of them too.

It seems like a lot of restaurants in that area are doomed to fail. I'm not even sure how many restaurants have opened and closed in that block in the last decade, seems strange for what seems like a great location.

I wonder what will end up taking Sanford's place?